How To Open Restricted Sites In Pakistan

APNA JAHANIAN پیر کے روز 17 نومبر 2014

How to open restricted sites in Pakistan

What are restricted or banned websites?

Website or URL blocked by any authorized person to its worldwide user or team worker in local area is called “Restricted or banned website/URL”

  • Why Govt, Organization or authorized person Block Websites?

Many countries and organizations provide internet facilities to its common users, team worker or people of country by govt for efferent purpose like education, communication but when any website break policy of that country or publish stuff that could harm organization or country, authorities banned or blocked that website for security or public safety purpose.  even for last few years Youtube is banned in Pakistan by its government because of policy volition of that country. government and PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication) banned YouTube for that reason.

When Pak­istan bane this site, it also block some adult websites even some torrent websites are blocked in Pakistan due to unsafe data on these sites for common user of this country.

  • Why Some Universities, Colleges and School block websites?

Many educational institutes allow student to use internet in their classroom to do research on given topic and brows ebooks on many topics from around the world. Wikipedia and Google are most impotent things for educational stuff. but while browsing many student try to access irrelevant websites and unsafe websites having adult links and harmful things for students.


Even blocking any site have good reason behind but sometime we really to access these websites for good purpose. like is very good resource for educational purpose, many utorrent websites are blocked but have lots great and useful stuff on them. so now question is


there are lots of proxy websites to get access blocked websites like is very good websites to get access banned websites. there are many software like Ultrasurf  which allow you to access all proxy websites and banned websites. this tiny software is very useful to open restricted sties and without advertisement and without registration.