Download Free Inpage Urdu 2000

APNA JAHANIAN ہفتہ 21 جنوری 2012

Inpage Urdu, Famous Urdu Composing Software

Inpage Urdu is a very famous Urdu composing software which supports Urdu, Pashtu, Sindhi Arabic and many other Languages.

Fonts and Types

In page ttf true type font, supported and have many keyboard types.  Download Inpage Urdu 2000 with complete fonts and necessary files, you just need to download, extract, and send shortcut Icon to the desktop. In page is ready to use. Now you can compose Urdu applications, Urdu book, Urdu letters,

, newspapers and all kinds of Urdu work. Great software for Urdu composing including great Urdu fonts.

Inpage urdu 2000 User Define Keyboard: Inpage user keyboard types are very easy to understand and learn, but any user has any problem with typing Urdu, Sindhi or other language, users can customize the keyboard type by going to edit> Preference> Keyboard Preference option.

Inpage urdu 2000 Language Support: Inpage Urdu support many languages like; Urdu, Arabic, English, Kashmiri, Persian and Sindh type.


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